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Running Head: Auger Biotech IPO Essay Sample

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Typically, when I think about any listing, if it's going to be a new company -- an IPO, an initial public offering -- which is when a company is born on the public markets, you can buy that.

The company said Wednesday, April 3 it was offering a total of million shares in its IPO, at a price range of $21 to $24 a share.

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The expected date of the IPO is April Credit Suisse and J.P. Morgan are acting as the joint lead book-runners on the offering.

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View ncmlittleton.comch from ECON JC at Mountain View High School, Lawrenceville. 1 Running head: BIOTECH FIRMS VALUATIONS, M&As, IPOs & INVESTOR EXITS Biotech Firms Valuations, M&As, IPOs and Investor.

Excerpts from the novel — which began running in July, in the online magazine, Salon — have attracted a wide readership as well as the attention of the The New York Times and other publications. Brian Akers is the vice president, head of Technology for DHL Global Forwarding, Americas, based in Miami, Florida.

Prior to his current role, Akers was the DHL Head of Americas Transportation Sourcing and Aviation for DHL Global Business Services. InUnger was still CEO when he led an "IPO road show," a series of presentations to potential investors that demonstrate the possibilities of the company's products.

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